All Artwork by Rebecca O’Shea

In the beginning…

When I was 7 years old my mother decorated my room while I was at summer camp. I was so enthralled with the idea that someone could transform a space and change the way someone feels. And so, began my journey into art and design. Painting friends’ bedrooms and rearranging furniture became a regular occurrence. It let me have a sense of control in my world, a way to renew my spirit and make others feel good about themselves. I hope my artwork offers the same experience.

About the Artist and Her Work

Native Texan Artist, Rebecca Lightfoot O’Shea, has been working in fine art, interior design, real estate and finance for 24 years. Her artwork is most influenced by her Christian faith, living inTexas, travels to Mexico/New Mexico, ongoing practice of interior design and years directing Gremillion and Co. Fine Art, Inc. She admires the contemporary artist, Gary Komarin, and you might see similar drip techniques in some of her work. Her geographical focus is the Texas Hill Country, Blanco County. Reflections of mason jars, deep shades of peony pedals and broad-brush stroked backgrounds are in many of her paintings. Devoted to thoughtful perception and promising unique experiences, Rebecca is nurturing long-term relationships with Realtors®, industry partners, investors, architects, builders, designers and friends. Rebecca and her family have roots in Blanco and are blessed to be part of the community they call home.


“I think it is paramount to stay humble in anything I do, whether I’m serving a client in the purchase of real estate, coaching agents, volunteering for the local baseball league, or creating art. Giving my life over to Christ when I was younger and becoming a mom has kept that lesson in the forefront of my mind. It’s not a skill I’ve mastered; just a lesson I continue to embrace.” Rebecca

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